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Jobs recovery

Encouraging signs for the employment market are emerging from new data.

Tasmania restored some jobs in the latest ABS figures for August, although the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose a little to 6.3%.

The ABS data finds this state has one of the best jobless rates in the nation, lower than everywhere except the ACT and the NT.

It is a similar story of employment recovery for all other states and territories except Victoria which reflects its coronavirus lockdown.

Some economists had expected Australia's jobless rate to blow out to 8% in August, but the nation added 111,000 positions in the month, actually dropping the rate to 6.8%.

The break down from the ABS is full time employment increased by 36,200 people and part-time employment by 74,800 people.

Compared to a year ago, there were 234,200 less people employed full-time and 104,100 less people employed part-time.