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NBN upgrade coming

NBN cable

The NBN network is receiving its biggest upgrade since 2013, giving eight-million households access to ultra-fast internet speeds.

The work is worth $4.5 billion.

The spend includes the rollout of high-speed business broadband infrastructure to 240 zones around the country, including Devonport.

Chief Executive Officer of TasICT Steve Adermann says it will help those working from home.

"Many businesses decided they're not going back to their premises in the city, and they're going to continue working from home. So with those sorts of decisions, NBN is moving to cater for that, and it's seen what is happening in the marketplace and adapting," he said.

He says it will iron out connectivity issues.

"These steps that the NBN and the Federal Government are taking are addressing those problems and they're listening to people and doing what they can, as quickly as they can to address those problems, and I think we've been pretty blessed in Tasmania with the level of service from the NBN."

Mr Adermann believes the initiative may even attract new businesses to the state.