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Tassie ice seizures on the rise

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The latest Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission report has provided a worrying insight into Tasmania's drug problems

The 2018-2019 report shows seizures of illicit stimulants like ice are on the rise in Tasmania.

There were 743 such seizures in Tasmania in the period, up more than 20 per cent on the year before, while arrests rose more than 30 per cent to 718.

While the number of seizures rose by 30.3% in the state, the amount seized rose a staggering 97.3%

Out of the states and territories, Tasmania reported the greatest percentage increase in the in the number of ATS arrests, as well as the greatest increase in the number of ATS seizures.

While Tasmanian methylamphetamine samples were the least pure out of all the states, the prices for the illicit substances are the highest. 

Despite the worrying statistics, Tasmania fared much better in hallucinogen, opioid, and steroid arrests compared to other states.