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Shearwater legal fall out

February's forced removal of Tongan seasonal workers from their Shearwater accommodation on the grounds it was substandard has the property owner preparing to sue for damages.

Simon Baldock is taking legal action against Latrobe Council, with a possible code of conduct complaint against Mayor Peter Freshney.

He insists he had full federal compliance, the workers were happy in the property and a law suit will see justice prevail.

"There were four federal departments that came to Tasmania to do their reports and their assessments, they found nothing wrong....the council charges have been thrown out of court."

The property developer also wants closure for the workers, with claims they were put through unnecessary trauma.

"They were dragged out of this accommodation crying, very emotional, it was uncertain for them and we actually to lend them facilities and linen to go to their emergency accommodation, they didn't have what they needed there."