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Kitten season means all hands on deck

ten lives cat

Tasmania's largest cat shelter is gearing up for an influx as kitten season begins.

As warmer weather sets in - an estimated 400 felines a week are expected to pass through the Ten Lives Centre in Hobart.

Manager of the Centre, Noel Hunt, says it's not unusual to take up to 40 kittens by lunchtime.

“We’re at our quietest time and we have 70 cats in our care, but that will quickly go up to 300 or 400 and we’ll maintain that for six or seven months.”

He says support from the community is vital, so too are foster carers.

"The help we get from the general public is great and we're a self funded charity so we have to make do with what we've got. The foster carers do an amazing job. They're a massive part of how we care for the cats and kittens. In fact last year we had over 35,000 nights of care for cats and kittens in foster care."

He says there are things cat owners can do.

“We want the community to take more responsibility for cats so we have cats in the right place, which is in a home environment, properly looked after and contained rather than causing damage in the bush,” he said.