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Young parents seek help

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Young parents in Tasmania are dealing with a range of issues including isolation, domestic abuse and higher rates of mental health problems.

The Brave Foundation has seen a huge increase in the number of expectant and parenting teens in Tasmania seeking help this year, with services increasing by 240 percent Australia-wide this year alone.

Since 2018, the Foundation's Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens program has supported young parents to achieve goals in the areas of education, workforce participation, health, and wellbeing, as well as providing support for those requiring financial or housing assistance.

CEO Bernadette Black says many have sought help and support due to the effects of Covid 19.

"What we've seen is many young people are seeking out help, particularly when it comes to studying, working from home and looking after a baby."

Ms Black says everything has been compounded because of the pandemic.

"We know that this group of people have higher rates of mental illness and are sadly exposed to domestic violence and demand for help in these areas has skyrocketed."

The national not-for-profit organisation has also announced the appointment of Dr Maria Harries as its Chair.

“Professor Harries is a highly experienced and well credentialled director, researcher and author who operates her own consulting practice including leading policy implementation for our most disadvantaged young people,” Ms Black said.