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Government under fire for "manifestly inadequate" enquiry


Labor and the Greens are continuing to put the blowtorch on the Tasmanian Government, claiming its arms-length inquiry into an accused paedophile nurse scandal doesn't go far enough.

James Geoffrey Griffin worked at the Launceston General Hospital for around a decade after a complaint was made against him - before he committed suicide last year, he'd boasted online about drugging and abusing children.

Pictures of sick children were found among a hoard of child exploitation material located by police at his Legana home last year.

While the Premier maintains an independent investigation into what went wrong is sufficient, Green Rosalie Woodruff says a deeper dive is needed.

"The investigation has been proposed by the minister, by this government, is manifestly inadequate."

The Liberal Government has continued to hide details of the inquiry from the media, and there are concerns that the investigation won't go far enough. 

"It will not get to the bottom of the rottenness that enabled this man to stay in that position." 

Labor's former Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne has apologised, saying she was never told of any issues due to an apparent cover up culture.

 "Staff made complaints, and they were ignored. Staff were told they would feel the affects of the state service act if they chose to speak up. They were silenced."

After the allegations were brought to light, several institutions who had employed James Geoffrey Griffin before his time working at the Launceston General Hospital have commenced their own investigations.

The University of Tasmania is conducting an internal investigation after news came to light that James Geoffrey Griffin was employed as a property officer in student accommodation at the university's Newnham campus for over a decade.

Communities Tasmania also confirmed that Griffin spent a period of time employed at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre providing medical care.

Griffin was also hired through a a labour hire company that provided relief medic service on the Spirit of Tasmania ferries.

Victims are urged to come forward to assist in the investigations.