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Escape from SA: Tassies in lockdown


Thursday marks day 1 of South Australia's six-day hard lockdown which has seen all schools, universities, takeaway, restaurants, cafes and food courts closed and outdoor exercise banned.

The latest figures indicate Adelaide's cluster has grown slightly to 23 cases, with another seven suspected cases.

Bagdad man Jason Evans and his family are hoping to leave Adelaide on Thursday afternoon's Hobart flight and face two weeks in home isolation on their return. 

The Evans family is holed up in a near-empty caravan park at West Beach.

"Everyone was told, unless you don't have a home to go to, the park's closed, get on out of here," he said. 

"I noticed a security guard walking around the park, you have to wear a mask outside now in SA, there are very limited reasons on where you can go, similar to Victoria."  

He says he was disappointed to see another rash of panic buying break in Adelaide on Wednesday (pictured). 

"We saw that happen all over again with the toilet paper...they announced the lockdown, we were actually at the supermarket when it happened, then the chaos began," he said.

Mr Evans also noted a rush of bookings for South Australians looking to leave Hobart after being told to self-isolate for a fortnight if they wished to stay. 

"I checked the flights last night, the Hobart to Adelaide flight only had 50 seats free," said Mr Evans. 

"I noticed the Saturday night flights have been moved, but if we can get out tonight on the 4:30 flight, that would be fantastic." 

Image: Adelaide residents emptied supermarket shelves as news of the six-day lockdown broke (Jason Evans)