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Allegations of sexual misconduct at Ashley Youth Detention Centre

ashley youth detention

Parliament today has heard that a staff member at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre has been stood down after hundreds of allegations of misconduct, including rape.

Roger Jaensch just confirmed that there are a total of three people that are currently stood down from the Centre following the historical allegations that were referred to police for investigation.

Along with the police referral, the government is conducting an independent investigation.

The Liberal Government has come under fire for allowing this to happen in the first place.

Greens leader Cassy O'Connor said that experts have called for a therapeutic rehabilitation model, but the government has continuously ignored advice.

"Can you provide the families of detainees with reassurance that the young people at Ashley are safe?" she asked Mr Jaenesch in parliament today. 

The allegations were piled on top of those of alleged pedophile-nurse James Geoffrey Griffin in his misconduct at the Launceston General Hospital.

Griffin also worked at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre for a time, and this will be scruitinised along with his employment at the LGH and The Spirit of Tasmania. 

While premier Peter Gutwein denies that their are problems of systematic abuse in the state's public sector, he explained that he was committed to getting to the bottom of these issues.

Mr Gutwein described the allegations as deeply concerning. 

“I am a parent, my children spent time in that ward and I can assure you it is abhorrent what we have heard.”

 Image credit: DHHS