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Brooks alleges identity theft

adam brooks

Labor is seeking answers, following claims by Braddon Liberal candidate Adam Brooks that his identity has been hijacked and used on two dating profiles.

The screenshots showed Mr Brooks' photo under the handles “Gav” and “trb44eng”.

An ABC journalist claims, when first questioned about the matter, Premier Peter Gutwein suggested she had personally “tricked up” the profile screenshot.

Adam Brooks has since moved to reassure Premier Gutwein that the profiles do not belong to him. 

"I have spoken to Mr Brooks and he's denied that they're his profiles," Premier Gutwein said. 

"It is concerning but at the end of the day he's made it very clear to me that that's not him."

Labor has raised further identity issues with the former Mining Minister, after the discovery of a business card for a "Terry Brooks” was found.

The Party's campaign spokesperson Sarah Lovell said the card had a fictitious email and street address, but the phone number goes to a voicemail that resembles the voice of Adam Brooks.

Labor is now calling for an explanation into both identity issues.

“Adam Brooks also needs to explain whether online dating profiles under other names using photos which appear to be of him are linked to Adam Brooks or if he is being impersonated – or worse extorted,” Ms Lovell said.

“Adam Brooks has form for lying about his business activities and quit Parliament in disgrace after it was revealed he was continuing to operate his mining business email address during his brief stint as Mining Minister. Adam Brooks lied to a Parliamentary Committee and the then-Premier in an attempt to cover up that lie."

Labor claims it's not beneath the Liberal Party to engage in falsehoods.

“The Liberal Party also has form in creating false identities after a senior Liberal staffer was forced to quit during the last election after she was caught out using a fake social media account to troll people,” Ms Lovell said.

The alleged identity theft is the latest twist in Mr Brooks' attempted return to politics, after revelations he's been charged with incorrectly storing firearm ammunition.

Mr Brooks has vowed to fight the allegation in court.