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Majority or bust for Gutwein

The Premier has vowed to resign as Liberal leader if the result of the state election doesn't mean a majority government for the party.

The heavy presence of independent candidates including high profile contenders Sue Hickey and Kristie Johnston is raising conjecture about them potentially being necessary to form a minority government.

Peter Gutwein making it clear, he won't be part of it.

"We will not govern in minority, Tasmania does better with majority governments, we want to continue rolling out our clear plan, we want to continue keeping Tasmanians safe, we want to ensure that jobs are being created and investment comes to this island and a majority government will deliver that."

Labor leader Rebecca White has skirted the question of whether she would serve as a Premier in a minority.

"I am focusing on winning, I am not thinking about anything else, I am going to work hard with my team for every single vote up until the close of booths at 6pm tomorrow (Saturday)."