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Gutwein claims victory

Tasmania's Liberal leader has claimed victory in the state election, although yet to officially secure a parliamentary majority.

The party is on track to win at least 12 of the 13 seats needed to govern in its own right.

Peter Gutwein looking to the job ahead.

"I have never been more positive about our state's future than I am right now and I have never been more certain that our state's best days are still in front of us."

Addressing a room full of supporters, Labor leader Rebecca White gave a gracious nod to the Premier's performance through the pandemic.

"All around the country we have seen incumbent governments rewarded for their management of COVID-19 and there is no doubt that Peter Gutwein and our Public Health officials kept our community safe and tonight's result reflects that."

On the night of the election, protocol is usually to keep political ideology to a minimum, however in acknowledging the return of the Gutwein government, the Greens Cassy O'Connor made a lengthy speech peppered with party doctrine.

"In Tasmania, big mining, logging, fish farming and gambling pay some of the lowest royalties and licence fees in the country, so do the developers moving in on our public lands and protected areas, this is robbing the Tasmanian people blind, usually at the expense of the environment."

As counting carries on, there's a distinct likelihood Clark will see an independent elected to parliament, and Mayor of Glenorchy Kristie Johnston has emerged as that possible newcomer to the lower house.

She is already weighing into the government's contentious plan to build a northern prison near Westbury.

"My background in criminology tells me that we need to do so much more in terms of reducing our recidivism rates, we also need to make sure that we end up rehabilitating people so I'd be very keen to be heavily involved in those discussions, I don't think a northern prison is the solution."