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Tas wary of virus mystery

A puzzle has arisen from four new coronavirus infections in Victoria because a Delta strain's emerged, different to Melbourne's other cases

It revolves around the Melbourne family which travelled to New South Wales.

One of their children is believed to have passed it onto a classmate who then infected both his or her parents

It's still unclear where the strain originated.

Tasmania's Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch is keeping the border lock in place.

"Because of the uncertainty, particularly around the four new cases, I provided advice to the Deputy State Controller that for the time being I recommend that we retain the current approach of designating the whole of Victoria as a high risk site, we obviously review that every day." 

Meantime, coronavirus vaccination appears set to become mandatory for all aged care workers.

The states and territories would need to put public health orders in place to make the vaccine compulsory.

Premier Gutwein touching on early discussions at the National Cabinet meeting with the Prime Minister.