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Overnight bush walkers urged to register their trips

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Avid bush walkers are being encouraged to help protect sensitive tracks in the wilderness.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) have launched a new online registration system for those of us looking to head out into the bush.

Over the past year, border closures has seen demand for bush walking tracks skyrocket throughout the state.

Tracks like the Western Arthurs and Lake Rhona have experienced double the levels of visitation; the planned re-opening of the Mt Anne circuit following the 2019 bush fires is expected to be popular for both day and overnight walkers.

Officers say last Summer they battled impacts to vegetation, new campsites being formed, trail braiding (which creates a path next to designated trail through people walking off-track) and inappropriate toileting.

The new online registration system allows walkers to see how busy a track is going to be, register their walk and manage their departure through the system.

It's free and voluntary; and will help PWS determine which tracks are the most popular over the Summer.

The extended registration system will soon open for those who wish to undertake walks to Lake Rhona and Western Arthur Range.

For Lake Rhona the daily cap is 20 walkers; and for Mt Anne Circuit, Western Arthurs and Farmhouse Creek the daily cap is 12 walkers.

To check out how to register your walk, or learn more about the great bush tracks on offer, click here!