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Council backs bus mall, skate park clampdown


A Clarence Alderman says youth crime at the Rosny Park Bus mall and nearby skate park is at crisis point.

Brendan Blomeley's motion for council and police to work together in tackling the issue, including real-time CCTV monitoring, passed 10 votes to 2 at Monday's meeting.

He says students are being bashed, brawls are breaking out and drugs are being dealt.

"The quarterly performance report of the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management records a 15.3 per cent increase in the number of reported public place assaults in Clarence," he told the meeting. 

"Alarmingly, this same document records a staggering 21.4 per cent increase in the number of offences against the person in the 2020-21 period." 

Former Tasmania Police Commander and Alderman Tony Mulder wasn't convinced by the motion. 

"Involving council in this kind of tough-on-crime bias panders, I think, to some base instincts; the Rosny Bus Mall is not a crime hotspot," he said. 

"We can't stop sensationalist reporting in the mainstream media, but we don't have to contribute to the hyperbole."

The council's general manager provided a response to the motion ahead of the vote. 

"We have and are working with Tasmania Police, Rosny College and other interested organisations to address the issues," said Ian Nelson. 

"Once we have collected sufficient information to identify the extent and nature of the problems, we will be in a position early next year to present options to address them."