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Cradle Forest Inn fire found to be accidental

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Investigators have spent the day on the scene at Moina, investigating a blaze that gutted Cradle Forest Inn.

Crews from Devonport, Sheffield, Wilmot, Forth Valley and Claude Road were called to the scene at around 2am, arriving to find the structure fully engulfed.

Guests had to be evacuated early this morning, but the hotel’s eight accommodation units were not impacted by the fire.

Investigators were on scene for most of the day, but due to significant damage it wasn't possible to identify a single cause.

It's been determined that the fire was most likely caused by a faulty electrical appliance.

The damage to the overall site is estimated to be worth around $1 million.

Fire investigator Anthony Goss reveals teams have established a 5-metre area of origin.

"Several potential ignition sources were identified within that area, with the most probable cause being a failure within an electrical appliance," he said.

TFS have now wrapped up investigations.