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The Chilli Season

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Tasmanian budget delivered

An operating deficit of $474 million for next financial year has been flagged in the budget announcement for Tasmania.

That is even with spending being shaved a little as the emergency outlays of the pandemic are put to bed.

Much of the state budget spending by Treasurer Michael Ferguson had been previously released, one of the exceptions being transport on Hobart's Derwent Estuary.

"The government delivered a trial of our new Bellerive to Hobart ferry last year and, wow, it has proven a great success with around 600 passengers per day using the service through the summer period, this budget provides $19 million over the next four years to lock in this exciting service."

Tasmania's Small Business Council CEO Robert Mallett calls it a no surprise budget providing consolidation in key areas of health and housing.

"The budget brought down by the Treasurer was a fairly steady budget, I am surprised there was not a little bit more claw-backs of some of the expenses that were incurred to support the business sector amongst others through the pandemic, it's fairly generous from that point of view."

Unions are dismayed at the budget offering a 2.5% pay rise for public sector workers when Tasmania's inflation is at 5.8%.

Unions Tasmania's Jessica Munday describes it as effectively a pay cut and bound to worsen the staff shortage gripping areas such as health and schools.

"When you talk to some of the public sector unions, they are struggling to fill positions because they are not paying people enough, so if the government wants to keep having a problem with the workforce they are not going to fix it by offering low wages."