Tasmanian News

Hobart deal limbo

No movement on a Hobart city deal involving major Commonwealth funding's being blamed on inaction by the Tasmanian Government.

Federal Independent Andrew Wilkie's pressed the Prime Minister to reveal if a deal had progressed since he backed the idea 8 months ago.

The Member for Denison's concluded the state government's been asleep on it, given this answer from Malcolm Turnbull in question time.

"We are certainly very open to it, but plainly we need to get the enthusiasm and commitment and engagement from the state government and the city government and other interested parties and I'm sure the honourable member will lend his considerable powers of advocacy to supporting a city deal for Hobart."

Instead, the Prime Minister concentrated on the deal that's been struck in Launceston.

"My government is delivering for Tasmania and in terms of city deals, two months ago we signed an historic city deal agreement for Launceston that was signed with the Premier and the Mayor of Launceston demonstrating what can be done when all three levels of government come together and the centrepiece is a $260 million investment to move the University of Tasmania's main Launceston campus to into the city centre and it's about much more than simply building a campus, it coincides with the city's Heart of the City Redevelopment, it's about putting a new centre, a new vibrancy into the centre of Launceston."