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At first... you'll hear my laugh. Some say it echoes through the mountains of Launceston, similar to a wild pack of hyenas.

My love for music came from High School, where I really found my voice and personality. I love to perform because of the rush of being on stage; nothing else comes close to it. One minute you're doing fine, the next you've forgotten the lines of popular Christmas carols having to wing it.

Music allowed me to find my passion for life and brought me out of my shell. I love all music genres. If you can sing or dance to it, I'm happy! My favourite concert was Big Day Out in Melbourne. Seeing Muse and Lily Allen rock out is a defining moment of my life and music and how much it means to me.

Those who know me know that I have some bad jokes. I'm never really sure if people are laughing with me or at me, but a laughs a laugh and I love to be that person to liven people's days up. My first time live to air was a fail, I completely messed up everything I was meant to say and instead just laughed hysterically which gave the Chilli announcers something to talk about for that whole week.

Growing up, my brothers taught me many life lessons, like how peas and corn fit up your nostrils - I've now learnt not to eat those foods! I've lived in Launceston all my life, and love travelling around this great state and try and do so as much a possible with my mates, from road trips to climbing mountains.

Tassie is my home (also the home of the Tassie Hawks! Go Hawks!) But of course it can get freezing here so my winter is mainly gaming on my computer for hours straight, watching movies or just in my trackies listening to music. They say if you ever want to remember something you should write it down, but my best memories come back to me depending on what I'm listening too, music is my muse! A good friend of mine once told me "when life gets real, you need a really good soundtrack" and that's how I keep my playlist organised.

Shannon is on air 10am till 12noon weekdays.