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Cutest Micro Pigs Ever!

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 Here's are a few videos of the cutest little piggies!


Teacup pigs, micro pigs and piglets whatever you call them I can’t get enough of them! So many have been caught on camera play fighting with dogs, swimming in baths and kiddie pools, getting belly rubs, being bottle-fed and nuzzling with kittens. One baby pig even endured a flight of stairs to land in his breakfast bowl of oatmeal

I would love a baby pig so much!

Fun facts Pigs are the 3rd smartest animal alongside dolphins and chimpanzees, Pigs are very social and enjoy the company of each other (recommend buying in pairs) The baby pigs’ mother sings to them when they are nursing through a series of soft, rhythmic grunting and pigs dream!

You can apparently can train them like dogs and they can react to your emotions and know how you’re feeling. 

And you can even teach them to come to their name!

Enjoy some piglets