Adam and Issy are the alarm clock you’ll actually love waking up to! They bring sizzle, sass, and the perfect kick-start to your day!

When he’s not spinning tunes and cracking jokes with Issy, Adam can be found rocking out to Pearl Jam or jamming with his band (who, by the way, are all named after condiments – don’t ask).

But don’t let his laid-back vibe fool you – Adam is a fierce competitor, whether he’s battling Issy in a quick Mario Kart sesh or trying to out-dad joke his co-host. And he’s always up for a challenge, so if you’ve got a drum-off or a hot sauce taste-test in mind, he’s your guy.

He’s also terrible at writing bios. This bio was brought to you by ChatGPT.

Issy is a comedian and former child star who started stand-up to try and impress her high school crush. Now here to conquer the North, she’s decided to try out radio until she can achieve her real dream of working in retail. Issy’s crush still has no idea who she is.

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