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With an unwavering commitment to local content for our local communities, Chilli FM broadcasts to a reach of 123,011 listeners in Launceston and the North East and is the first choice for Launceston and Northern Tasmanian residents to turn on when they need to know about anything and everything, from road closures to bushfires.

Why radio?

  • Radio builds strong emotional connections with listeners.
  • Radio audiences in Australia are continuing to grow.
  • Radio influences consumers closest to the time of purchase.
  • Radio and online in combination delivers the strongest ROI.
  • Radio is portable & mobile – today there is a radio in everyone’s pockets.

Why Chilli FM?

  • Chilli FM is the Home of the Hottest Hits and dominates the 18-39 demographic in Northern Tasmania.
  • Dan & Marie for Breakfast – Northern Tasmania’s #1 Most Listened to Breakfast Show.*

* 2017 survey

Combine radio and website advertising for best results

The Chilli website offers a unique advertising platform for you to reach your clients across Northern Tassie. With approximately 166,000 unique visitors to our site in 2019 and 1.9 million pageviews, we give Launceston and the North East everything they need to keep up to date: local news, community events, great music, gigs, competitions and much, much more!

Combining your radio advertising with digital advertising on our site will give you the greatest cut through. Radio and online is the strongest two channel combination, delivering an average ROI of nearly three times more than TV and online. *Colmar Brunton ROI Study 2015.

Want to know more?

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