Bombshell Rumour Sends F1 World Into Overdrive

November 1, 2023 10:19 am in by
Images: Getty Images

The motorsport community is buzzing with contrasting reports, suggesting that former world champion Fernando Alonso could replace struggling driver Sergio Perez at Red Bull.

Amid this madness, speculation about Daniel Ricciardo’s push for the No. 2 Red Bull seat has intensified after his stunning performance at the Mexico Grand Prix.

It all started with a troubling rumour mentioned by leading Formula 1 commentator Albert Fabrega, causing a frenzy on social media when he tweeted “I don’t want to believe the rumour that they have told me now in the paddock. No,” to his 400,000 followers.

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Although Fabrega later clarified his comment, by adding “I’m just going to say one thing about the rumour that I told you yesterday. From the tone of the text it is understood that I would not like it to happen,” he wrote on Twitter.

“From here, you can speculate as much as you/we want. And I hope it remains a rumour and not news. End of thread.”

Fabrega suggested that Perez would retire and be replaced at Red Bull by Alonso, which would leave Ricciardo stranded at Alpha Tauri as other rumours intensify that Lawrence Stroll is set to sell his Aston Martin racing team amid on-track struggles.

If all of the above were to unfold, we could see Yuki Tsunoda heading to Aston Martin as they prepare to bring in Honda, which would mean young gun Liam Lawson would get his chance at a full-time seat.

The excitement continued to escalate, with Formula 1 presenter Will Buxton even using a “bomb exploding” meme to depict the situation.

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However, amidst the chaos, Formula 1 correspondent Daniel Moxton dismissed the rumours about Perez’s departure by tweeting “Been a couple of irresponsible tweets that have set off some #F1 rumours today,” emphasizing that Perez is not retiring and Red Bull has no plans to bring in Alonso.

“My understanding is Perez is not currently planning to retire or leave RB, and that RB don’t plan to bring in Alonso.”

“As for where they (rumours) started, it seems many different rumours have gained traction since a certain big ‘paddock secret’ was teased and people just ran with it.”

The plot thickens, and only time will tell how this high-stakes drama unfolds. Stay tuned!