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Introducing our select group of Chilli FM and Aspect Tamar Valley Resort's Wedding Warriors!

Get to know them and then head on over to our voting page to vote for them.

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Caitlyn and Sam P

How did you meet and when?
We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party.
I was on my way down the steps to the restaurant. I managed to trip and was about to fall flat on my face when I somehow caught myself at the last second. Proud of my gravity-defying achievement, I put both hands up and yelled “Ta-Da!” as if I had just won gold in gymnastics. Coming to my senses, I noticed people were staring and there was applause from behind me. I turn to see the dorkiest grin and a very handsome guy applauding me. He asked me out a week later and we’ve been together ever since.

How did you get engaged, who asked who and when?
We went out on a cute date to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year. We had a wonderful lunch and when we got home Sam had managed to surprise me with the ring. I was shocked, but before I said yes, I went to the next room and came back with HIS engagement ring. He didn’t know, but I was planning on proposing to him that day too. He managed to beat me by a few minutes.

What is your favorite thing to do together?
Anything and everything. It sounds cheesy, but it honestly the each other’s company that makes the activity enjoyable, more than the activity itself.

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Why do you think you will win Wedding Warrior?
Through our 18 years together and all our up and downs, our love has only grown stronger, we can conquer anything together we are true blue warriors!

What sort of couple would you define yourselves as?
We are lucky enough to be best friends and soulmates, we are stable, dedicated & committed, happy and in love with desire and attraction for each other to last a lifetime

What is the biggest difference between the two of you?
Its true opposites do attract. I am a big, shy, calm ,softly spoken woman whereas Lyndon is confident, loud & sometimes a stress head (especially on the road) and is not afraid to voice his opinion, amazingly we share the same sense of humor!

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Kate and Alastair P

How did you meet and when?
Going back 7 years we used to catch the same bus together in highschool and we started talking from there (Kate reached out to a mutual friend to set us up)

If you could choose one belonging of each other's to get rid of, what would it be and why?
Kate: I'd get rid of Alastairs phone as it takes up way too much of his time.
Alastair: Bank card, she spends money like it's going out of fashion.

What are your greatest phobias, are you supportive of each other's fear?
Kate: Chickens really scare me, even more so when Alastair locks me in the coop with them #notsupportive 😂 Alastair: Biggest fear would have to be spiders, and she is absolutely not supportive with this at all.

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Zac and Jen2.PNG

How did you meet?
It was a classic knight in shining armour saving the damsel in distress romance story, with Him winning her winning her heart with his bravery and heroics.
Just Kidding... We met on tinder #swiperight #moderndaylovestory

What are your greatest strengths in a challenge like this?
We are so alike and know each other as well as we know ourselves, very active, enjoy a challenge and our competitiveness always brings out the best in us yet we always manage to have a great time and a laugh. Plus raising kids has us prepared for anything!

What is your definition of a happy married life?
Being married to your best friend, where you support each other, test each other yet bring out the best in each other. Sharing a lifetime of laughs, loads of fun and unconditional love. If all that fails then "happy wife, happy life" tends to help.

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Elicia and Danny1

Why do you think you will win Wedding Warrior?
Elicia is very lucky (obviously to be with Danny!) so there may be a bit of luck involved but when they commit, they give it their all. Their different strengths combined with our love for each other will make them a force to be reckoned with!

If you choose one belonging of each other’s to get rid of, what would it be and why?
Danny is a Coke addict so Elicia would get rid of all Danny's Coke Zero bottles. Danny would throw out Elicia’s ridiculous pair of Dame Edna shaped glasses that she wears when cutting up onions because she is already ridiculous enough!

What would be your couple name (e.g. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were Brangelina) and slogan?
Danny and Elicia makes Danicia so take a walk on the “wild card side” and vote 1 team Danicia!