Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Santas sack of cash wings 2019

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Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

Thanks to Hotondo Homes - Better than you ever imagined.


Cash amount is up to $1420!


Going over a speedhump

Hitting a nail with a hammer

Popping locks on a breif case

A roller clip (Such as one found on an old wardrobe door or cupboard)

Flicking the switch in the fridge

Flipping a sunvisor up in the car

Cheese keeper/butter cooler inside the fridge closing

Kettle switch

Bouncing a basket ball

Clock Ticking

Basketball on a wooden floor

Clip on a clipboard

Closing the hard cover on a piano

Ejecting a coffee pod from the machine 

Turning the heating on for a large office building and it clicking on

Pulling the triggeron a pinball machine

Plastic mouse trap going off

Flip lid on a bottle closing

Setting a coffee cup on a coaster

Closing a chest freezer lid 

Horse hoof on a hard ground 

Gas ignitor on a cook top

Using a stamp

Closing a glove box

Closing a door

Pool gate latch

Dropping a book onto a hard surface

A hole punch 

Popping a plastic bag

Flipping a sun visor up in a car

A petrol cap opening

A car door handle flicking down after slipping when it's being opened

Hitting a chisel in a piece of wood with a hammer

A wooden woodpecker door knocker

A gavel being used

A windscreen wiper hitting the windscreen

Hitting a star picket with a hammer

A megnet door shutting

A fence dropper/sledge hammer hitting a fence post

Opening a metal tube of tennise balls

Closing a wheelie bin lid

A lock popping open in a car

Flicking the rear view mirror in a car to night

Dropping a knife into a knife block

A baloon popping

A safety latch on a gate when it closes

Closing an oven door

The clicking noise on a prize wheel

The switch on the side of an iPhone to turn it onto silent

Safety button on a jar lid when opened

Latching flicking off on kettle when it's boiled

A ping pong ball bouncing on a table tennis table

The latch clicking open when lifting the bonnet on a car

Wheelie bin lid being closed 

Clicking of petrol cap when it's screwed shut

Smashing ice out of an ice cude tray

Opening or closing a coffee tin

Putting coins in a parking meter

Safety seal popping up when you open a jar

Opening the feet on the bottom of a keyboard

Locking or unlocking a mobile phone

Turning an old fashioned lamp off near the globe with the push switch

Closing the petrol cap on the car

A seatbelt stopping 

A hose connector being unclipped from the tap

Using a stamp

Ignition switch on a BBQ

Playing on a kids electric drum kit

Banging a mouse on a desk

Hammering in a tent peg

Inserting colins into a vending machine

Closing a coffee pod machine

Leaving a deadbolt locked and trying to shut the door

Closing a slow close drawer

Cracking an egg

Shuttung the lid on he center consle in the car

Putting a recliner into a seated position

A baby gate closing

Bouncing a footy

Pulling the trigger on a pinball machine

Closing a front loader washing machine

A Metronome

A flexible grab bar in a car flicking back

Slapping a spoon into the palm of your hand

Breaking a bag of ice by dropping it on the ground

The sound a speaker makes when pulling a cord out of it while still turned on

Snapping closed a glasses case

Closing the lid on a metal kettle

Turning the dial on an often to switch on a hotplate

Hitting a hard cricketball with a cricket bat

Hitting an air hockey puck

Hitting a spacebar on a keyboard

Clicking your fingers 

Pulling a cord to open a garage door from inside

Slapping coins on a bench

Clipping a clipboard

Hitting the metal on the outside of a drum

Slamming an aluminium window

Closing a ring binder

A staple gun

Flicking a rubberband onto a cardboard box

A ring binder unclasping

Unlocking an iPhone

Closing a microwave

Locking a screen door

Closing a magnestic cupboard door

Opening a saftery lock on a gate such as used on parks or pool fences

Cracking open a coconut


A judge’s gavel being hit

A toilet seat hitting the bowl

Using a nail gun

Flicking a lighter to ignite it

A foot pedal bin

A circuit breaker engaging in meter box

Slamming a pencil on a table

A pressure lever on a sewing machine

Closing a paper tray on a printer

A door knocker

Dropping a golfball on the ground

Axe cutting wood

Opening electricity meter box on the outside of the house

Closing a dryer door

Shuttting a car boot

A small bean bag hitting the ground

A garage door hitting the roof when it opens

Closing a screen door

Using a nail gun

Using a blockbuster to chop wood

Chopping food on a chopping board

Opening a microwave door

An air hockey puck hitting another puck

Hitting a pot with a wooden spoon

Flipping the latch on a kettle

Closing the boot of the car

Bouncing a pingpong ball

Closing a dishwasher

Releasing a latch on an old door lock 

Using an electric stapler

Hitting a nail with a hammer

Mail flap on a front door

A slow/soft closing drawer closing

Flicking an old style light switch

Turning a fuse back on

Closing the door on an old wooden switch board

A lightswitch

A stapler

An electric fence unit

Clinking 2 rocks together

Pulling a lever and lowering a chair

A latching door stop - unlatching the door so it can close

Power meter ticking over

The boardgame 'Trouble' 

Bouncing a basketball

Mouse trap going off

Pulling a plug out of the wall socket

A ring binder opening or closing

Closing a dryer door

Stricking a match

Dart hitting a dart board

Pulling the string on and old fashioned light switch

A staple gun

Using an old fashioned rubber stamp

Flicking the clip on a clipboard

Meat tenderiser on a chopping board

Magnet on a fridge

Hitting a pingpong ball

Magnetised door stopper 

A deadlock flicking over/unlocking

Closing a ring box

Bouncing a basketball

Closing a boot

Slamming a baby gate

Hitting a hole punch really hard

Someone stomping in tap shoes

Closing the fuel cap on a car

A tennis racquet hitting a ball

A ticking noise - possible a grandfather clock or metronome

Espresso coffee portafilter locking into place on the machine

Someone hitting a punching bag

Flicking the clip on a clipboard

Flicking a ruler on a desk

Using an old style maunal credit card reader