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Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

Thanks to Hotondo Homes - Better than you ever imagined.



Popping locks on a breif case

Using a stapler

Using a hole punch

Flicking a Bic lighter

Unlocking a padlock

Putting a magnet on a fridge

Clicking a mouse

Hitting a spacebar on a keyboard

Central locking in a car

Hitting a button/key on a keyboard

Tapping a microphone

Stapling paper together

Turning a mic on or off

Flicking the kettle/jug on or off

Flicking off a light switch

Closing a magnetic drawer

Closing a cupboard


Bouncing a bouncy ball

A dog flap/door 

Turning on an indicator in the car

Stomping a foot on the floor

Closing the lid on a printer

Locking a door

Hitting a tennis ball against a wall

Clicking the sides shut on a plastic container

Clicking a pen

A dart hitting a dart board

Putting a key in the ignition and turning it

Locking an iPhone

Closing a petrol flap on the car

Pushing central locking button on a car remote

Closing a mirror flap on a sun visor mirror

Unlocking / popping locks on a breif case

Putting a jug on

Putting a DVD into a DVD player 

Closing the glove box in the car

Adjusting a car seat - moving it forward or back

Flicking a rear view mirror from day to night

Closing a bathroom cabinet

Clicking in a seatbelt

Clicking a pen

Turning the lock on a deadbolt

Using a stamp

Using a hole punch

Opening a ring binder

Toaster popping

Lever on an office chair

Hitting keys on a type writer

Opening the petrol flap

Hitting a pinball with the flipper

Taking a picture on a camera

Opening a car door

Unlocking an iPhone

Flicking up a sunvisor in the car

Adjustable stamp / office stamp

Flicking the headlights onto high beam

Hanging up a landline phone

Clock ticking

Opening a jam jar when the seal is being broken

Opening a honey jar

Closing the lid on a kettle

Closing a microwave door

Pushing down a toaster

Pushing a windscreen wiper back onto the windscreen

Turning a powerpoint on and off

Flicking the on switch on a kettle

Closing a bathroom cabinet

Opening/ejecting a disc from an Xbox

Adjusting a car side mirror

Clicking in a seatbelt

Tapping a microphone

Tapping a desk

The key flicing out of the key fob

Opening a microwave seal on a container

An animals hoof hitting the ground

Closing a CD player

Opening the taps on a tuppaware container

Flicking a light switch on and off

Closing the center console in a car

Seatbelt stopping or getting stuck when it's pulled too quickly

Closing a wheelie bin lid

Opening a plastic tappaware container

Closing a coffee tin lid

Closing a plastic container

Closing a bonnet on a car

Opening a chinese food container 

Closing the lid on a cliplock containers

Opening or closing a milo tin

Dropping a plug into a plug hole

Closing a shampoo bottle

Popping the lid on a pringles container

Opening a ring binder


Valued at $800