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apple wing chilli coming soon

apple wing chilli coming soon

apple wing chilli coming soon

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to current events, some prizes/giveaways may not be issued or be able to be claimed as a result of circumstances outside of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will do our best to honour prizes/giveaways where viable however no alternatives or compensation can be offered at this time.

Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

Thanks to Hotondo Homes - Better than you ever imagined.


Amount won was $920 CONGRATS STEPHANIE!


New sound is worth $1840


A petrol pump clicking off

Snapping a belt and making the cracking sound

A mouse trap

Newtons cradle

Press stud on clothing 

Launch button on pinball

A tool for stretching carpet 

Biting an apple 

An indicator clicking off

A milk frother

Pop rivet gun

A number flipping clock

Hitting a microphone

BBQ Tongs

Dropping keys on a bech

Shaking a spray paint can

A coffee grinder - dose lever

Serving a tennis ball

A mason jar latch

Opening the lid of a Zippo

Ratchet strap

A deadbolt being latched

Trigger on pinball 

A metal security door


Tossing coins into the center console of your car

Throwing a wallet on a bench

A tin of mints being closed or opened

A bin lid

An old style gumball machine 

A spring seat in an old truck or tractor

Board game Trouble

Plastic play money 

An old style date stamp

Pushing the 'Next' button on a thermo mix

Trampoline sprins

A mouse trap going off

Tap shoes

The twist it knob on the Bop It game

An automatic hand sanitiser

Striking a match

A pogo stick spring

Magnetic clasp

Using a car jack

The reverse setting on a socket set

Unlocking a padlock

Releasing a vice

Striking a flint

Dropping a sack of poker chips

Opening a can of fizzy

Latching a screen door

An automatic air freshener

Flicking a clipboard

A manual counter (finger clicker)

A shower curtain with metal rings

Pressing the steam button on an iron

Shutter clicking on a camera

Clicking a motorbike into gear

A ring binder folder

Dropping a stack of checkers

Cracking a whip

Squeezing the handle of a sifter

Opening a microwave

A button operated umbrella

Throwing keys onto a hard surface

Unlocking a window lock

Breaking a stick

Hitting a tent peg

Tapping a tamborine 

Nut cracker

Central locking on a car

Ramune drink (marble soda)

The board game Trouble

Playing the spoons

Connect four chip dropping into frame

Opening the lid of a tin of mints

A pneumatic stapler

The flippers in a pinball machine

Cracking an egg

Pushing a button on a hand dryer

A trampoline 

A type writer

A metal slinky 

Change from a vending machine

A petrol nozzle clicking off

A stick instrument made with bottle caps

A padlock

A push plug in a sink

Changing gears on a mountain bike 

Sticky tape being torn from a tape dispenser 

Locks on a brief case

Clicking a ski boot into a ski

A pogo stick

Opening tongs

Dropping a coin into a jar of coins

Hitting a tin of mints on a hard surface

A cash register opening

Connect 4

Hair Clip

Tic Tac Container

Shutting a door

Tap dripping

Latching a screen door

A mouse trap going off

The game Mouse Trap

An exercise bar with springs

Squeezing a Nike drink bottle

Paintball gun

Opening a lock

Hitting a stapler really hard

The board game Trouble

A pogo stick

Clicking a pen

A reception bell

Pull cord on a chainsaw/whipper snipper failing

Opening a can

hitting a golf ball

A dial lock on a safe

Clipping in a seatbelt

Clipping a bulldog clip

Popping locks on a brief case


Putting coins into a money jar

Rivet gun

Clicking shoe lace tightener

Popping a clip on a jar

An egg slicer

A push top spinning toy

Newtons cradle - kinetic energy paper weight 

Tightening a ratchet strap

Nerf gun

Totem tennis

Flicking a rubber band thats wrapped around something

Putting a coin into a parking meter

Breaking a glass jar with a hammer

Cat or dog flap shutting

Latching a gate


Trouble board game

Snpping a glow stick 

A storage container with metal clips

A socket wrench 

A can opener opening a can

Nail gun

A basketball hitting the wire fence

Playing the game pop up pirate

Closing a shampoo bottle

Putting a cup onto a plate

Can being crushed 

A petrol nozzel clicking off 

An old style ice cream scoop

Pogo stick

Playing marbles

Sharpening a knife on a stone or a sharpener

Toenail clippers

Turing on a fan

An electric bread clip/tag machine

Using a jackhammer

Opening an ashtray with coins in it

Clicking the flint on a BBQ lighter


A spray paint can being shaken

Playing the spoons

Dropping washer into a jar

Flap on a mailbox

An air compressor 

An style pricing gun

Putting a slap band on your wrist

Unlaching seat belt

Hitting a tennis ball against a wall

Dropping a coin into a money box

Opening a medicine bottle with safety lock

Locking an iPhone

Nail gun

A ratchet 

A ruler bouncing

Pushing down toast in a toaster 

Trigger on a pinball game

Fork into a cuttlery drawer

Magnet hitting the fridge

Monkey with symbols 

Connect 4 tokens

Popping a Disney tile (from the supermarket) out of the packaging 

A rattle gun 

Date stamp

Opening a can of fizzy cordial

Springs on a tamp

A pez dispenser

Type writer keys

Spring on a pogo stick

Changing the gears on a mountain bike

Coins in the rejected coin area of a parking meter

An old style ice-cream scoop

Dropping ice into a glass tumbler

Closing a sandwich maker

Releasing a ratchet strap

Safety gate latch

Tennis racket hitting a tennis ball

Spurs on the back of cowboy boots

A heavy duty fence post driver

Trigger on pinball machine

Closing the kettle lid

Dropping cutlery into a drawer

A staple gun


Opening a jar and the safety button pops up 

Coin in a payphone 

A dent remover

Pez dispenser

Totem tennis bad hitting the ball

Collapsing toy 

A pogo stick

Kick start motor bike

A ring binder lever

Pulling on the hand break

The metal ring on a totem tennis clicking

A large stamp 

Dropping keys into a bowl or onto a hard surface

Blowing a light bulb

A small spray bottle 

Hitting a star picket into the ground 

Breaking up ice

An electric liquid dispenser such as hand sanitiser

Nike drink bottle when it's squeezed

A hole punch

The paddles on a pinball machine

Dice popping in board game Trouble

Dropping a coin in a jar

Smashing glass

A metal spinning top