R GENERIC Wedding Warrior Wings

R GENERIC Wedding Warrior Wings

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Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

*Please note that ONLY 3 CALLS will be taken at this time and at no other time during the day

Thanks to Hotondo Homes - Better than you ever imagined.



New sound worth $1780


Popping locks on a brief case 

Catching a ball in a mitt

A coffee pod machine

Opening or closing a thermos lid

The seal on a fridge door being opened or closed

Conecting a dust canister on a vacuume

Toaster popping up

Putting a pasta maker on a hard surface

A coffee pod being locked in place

Turning on or off a powerpoint

Clicking a seatbelt

Automatic stapler

The emergency exit button on a shop door

A wall mounted soap dispenser

Flicking a lighter

Clicking a pen on a desk and releasing it

A push open cupboard door

Playing 'Wack-a-mole' 

A blind hitting the windowsill when closing

Putting the petrol gun back in the cradel

An automatic window clicking closed

Flushing a toilet (pressing the button)

Shutting a car door

Using a soap dispenser or hand sanitiser

Locking a phone

Clicking your tongue in your mouth

Releasing the handbrake 

Kicking a football

Closing an ashtray 

Closing a chest freezer

Opening a shampoo or conditioner

A book binder

A pedestrian crossin button

Closing the lid on a vacuum canister 

A holepunch

Closing the lid on an esky

Inserting a card into an ATM

Pressing down a lid on a metal tin

Closing the glove box in a car

A ruler on a desk

Closing the mirror on the sun visor in a car

A nurf gun

Locking/unlocking a combination lock

Shooting an air rifle

Pulling up venetian blinds

Closing the lid on a dishwasher tablet compartment

Opening a can of cordial

A dart going into a dart board 

Flicking a key out 

Firing a paintball gun 

Cutting something with an axe

Hitting a totem tennis ball

Putting the foot down on a sewing machine

Water dripping into a cup

The internal central locking in a car

Indicator flicking off

A wooden toy snake

Closing the sun visor in a car

Putting a hair brush down on a bench

Ignition switch on a BBQ or gas cooker

Flicking the lever on the interior mirror of the car (changing it from normal to night)

Closing a sunglasses holder in the interior of a car

A leather punch

Bouncing a basketball against a brick wall

Pushing eject button on a cassette player

Closing an Airfryer lid

A hole punch

Closing the glove box in a car

Clicking in a lock on an old suitcase

A paintball gun

Closing\opening the vent in a car

Putting the toilet seat down

An automatic tennis ball thrower

Swiping a card to unlock a door

Popping a steam release on a container

Pressing buttons on a calculator

Closing a laptop

A push open/close cupboard 

Punching an inflated balloon

Opening the petrol flap

A kettle clicking off

Closing the drawer on an air fryer

Cash opening on an ATM

Popping a cork from a wine bottle

Chopping food on a wooden chopping board

Opening a plastic fruit container

Hitting a squash ball

Closing a window

Closing the petrol cap on a car

Using electric wndows in the car

Opening the lid on a kettle

Pressing a key on a type writer

The ignitor on a BBQ

A gold ball falling into the hole on a putt putt course

The paddles on a pinball table

Latching an old suitcase

A button on a pedestrian crossing

The soft close drawers 

Flicking a switch on the panel in the studio

Flicking a pen on the desk

Pressing the button on a remote

Replacing the filter in the Air Con

Shootinga Nerf Gun

Using a labeller and cutting the label off

Shutting a sunglasses case

A hairclip

Closing a fridge door

Stamping onto paper

The boardgame Trouble

Pop balls

Hanging up a landline phone

A spinning kids toy

A pogo stick

Tennis ball hitting a net

Locking a house door

Popping a cork from a bottle

A tennis ball machine

Hammering a nail

A stamp

A pop top on a drink bottle

A ring binder snapping shut

Closing or opening a microwave

A bingo dabber

Adjusting an office chair

A pricing gun


Dishwashing Machine

Flicking a air condition switch on in the car

A drink bottle lid

Turning on a pedestal fan

A snap lock plastic container

Opening the fridge door, when the seal breaks

Bouncing a ball 

Hitting a tennis ball

A kettle clicking off or on

Popping the boot on a car

Opening or closing the glove box on a car

Closing a fridge door

Turning on an indicator in a car

Clicking in a seatbelt

Locking a phone screen

A vegetable cutter

Fliiping up or down a sun visor in a car

Closing a car door

Popping locks on a breif case

Pressing a button down on  clarinet

Windscreen wipers

A dart into a dart board

Closing a petrol flap on a car

Cutting veggies on a wooden chopping board

Tapping a key on a computer keyboard

Flicking on a kettle

Flicking on a light switch

Nail gun 

Turning on the interior light in the car

An air compressed staple gun

Pressing a stamp

Opening latch on a suit case

Trigger on a spray bottle

Hitting a tennis ball

Tapping a coffee cup on a desk

Clicking a pen

Using scissors 

Popping a boot on a car

A coffee pod in a machine

Central locking on a car

Locking an iPhone

A pingpong ball on a table

Popping locks on a brief case 

Pressing a spacebar 

Bouncing a netball

Computer mouse clicking.

An onion cutter

Clicking a pen

Hitting a key on the keyboard 

ATM dispensing cash

Petrol flap on a car

Closing a sunglasses holder in the car

An old style date stamp

Pushing a pen onto a table

A hole punch

A plunger for sink or toilet 

Type writer 

Clicking a pen

Opening a jar

Clicking a mouse button

Closing the lid on a travel mug

A lamp switch

A stapler

A tourch switch

Hitting a totem tennis ball

Tapping a microphone

Shutting a case for glasses