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Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

*Please note that ONLY 3 CALLS will be taken at this time and at no other time during the day

Thanks to Hotondo Homes - Better than you ever imagined.



Congratulations to Nikki who won $1520!!




Opening a fizzy drink

Tearing off foil

Getting Ice from an Ice Tray

Baby Gate Latch

Playing squash

Banging an oven tray

A sheet metal cutter

Closing a BBQ lid

Cracking a whip

Stepping on a grate in the footpath

Closing a filing cabinet drawer

Tearing off foil

Shed door closing

Banging your clipboard on the bench 

Sitting in a beanbag

A locker slamming

A nerf gun

Bouncing on  trampoline

Squat rack bar clicking in or out 

A hydraulic elevator

A sheet metal rolling machine

A pepper or salt grinder

A gunshot in a video game

Letting off rounds at a shooting range

Dropping colour bond sheeting onto other sheeting

Lazer tag

Putting a trolly back

Cash register drawer closing

A train going over some tracks

Nail gun

A shed door shutting

Dropping a bag of ice into an esky

The boardgame trouble

A rivet gun 

An arcade gun

An industrial iron press

Gun fire in a video game

Putting a shopping trolly away

Dan reversing into something

Closing the BBQ lid