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Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

*Please note that ONLY 3 CALLS will be taken at this time and at no other time during the day

Thanks to Hotondo Homes - Better than you ever imagined.



Congratulations Bec who won $2020!!



It is not -

A vegetable chopper

An old-style clock with a number flipping over

An ice dispenser


A sliding window 

A typewriter

A pringles lid

A coffee pod in a machine

A spinning ashtray

An automatic card shuffler

A cash register

A turnstile 

An old badge press

A laundromat coin slot

A guillotine

A toaster

The boardgame trouble

Clicking the legs of a marquee together

Clicking a pen

A stapler

Cutting paper with scissors

Self inking stamp

A tape machine 

An automatic air freshener

Winding on a camera 

A game of pop up pirate

A Beyblade toy spinning

A milk frother on a coffee machine

Opening or closing a dishwasher

A vending machine claw

Doing a jump on a skateboard

Inserting removing a Nintendo 64 game

Old style tax calculator

Call connect button

Closing a blind

Putting a cup back in the cupboard

A retractable tape measure

Throwing a marble into a roulette wheel

Clipping a lens onto a camera

Ejecting a CD rom drawer on a computer

Kid's viewfinder

A slide from a slide projector

A foot pump for an air mattress 

A vegetable chopper

Paper coming out of a printer

Putting a pen back in a holder

A golf ball machine returning a ball

A soft close drawer or cupboard

A retractable dog leash

Putting coins into a laundromat washing machine

The cash dispenser on an ATM

Self inking stamp

A can crusher

Closing the lid on an air fryer

A CD player switching CD's

An old rotary phone

A spinning ashtray

Doing the dishes

Putting and ATM card in an ATM

Unlocking a door with a security card

The board game - Trouble

An old projector

An old cassette

An old style view finder

An old camera

Putting money in a parking meter

An old clock ticking over

Game of trouble

Air hockey

Moving scrabble pieces

Connect four


Pulling out a tape measure

A children's spinning toy

Ejecting a cassett

A polaroid camera 

A self inking stamp

A drink dispenser 

Retracting a measuring tape

A soap or sanitiser dispenser

A printer

Locking a car

Putting down the needle on a record player