apple wing chilli nom harvey

apple wing chilli nom harvey

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to current events, some prizes/giveaways may not be issued or be able to be claimed as a result of circumstances outside of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will do our best to honour prizes/giveaways where viable however no alternatives or compensation can be offered at this time.

Secret Sound chilli hotondo

The world’s favourite competition is now on CHILLI

The Secret Sound!!!

Play weekdays with Dan and Marie after the 7.30am news.

Guess the Sound….collect the cash!

Simple right???

The sound that confounds…the Secret Sound, weekdays with Dan and Marie.

On the home of the hottest hits, CHILLI.

Previous amount won was $1520 CONGRATS FIONA!


Cash amount  is $820

Using a gumball machine while getting lollies from a Pez dispenser

Clicking the top of a biro

Popping dice in the board game Trouble

Gum ball machine

Hand held plastic pinball like game

A metal door stop

A metal measuring tape

Dropping metal blinds after pulling them up

Putting money into a vending machine

Opening a bag of chips

A view finder 

Old plastic picture spinner

Pouring dry food into a metal bowl for an animal

Closing the drawer on a printer

Shaking Maracas

Pulling the safety back on a circular saw and letting it go again.

Playing Connect 4

A thermos handle

Paper guillotine

Automatic hand sanitiser

Pez dispenser

Loading a stapler

Pulling the lever on an old style pokie machine 

Mints in a metal continer

Putting coins into an old parking meter

Popping dice roller on the board game 'Trouble'

Money rejecting from an old public pay phone

Putting toast in a toaster

Trigger operated sifter

Spinning top

A pinball machine ball being released before the trigger is pulled

Gumball machine

Loading a nail gun - pulling the lever open and loading the nails then closing it again.

Shaking a tin with mints in the bottom

Coins rattling around in a cash register drawer.

A spade/shovel being dragged over gravel

A silicone corking gun

Sliding the paper holder on a type writer

2 dinner plates sliding together

Dropping connect piece into the game panel 

Putting money into a parking meter

Dropping a screw nut into a tool box

A coffee pod falling through a coffee machine

Putting money into a metal money tin

Pull cord on a whipper snipper or lawn mower failing

A metal butter knife going into a drawer

Pinball trigger

Turnstyle going around

A roulette wheel

Putting coins in an eight ball table then pushing the coin slot in 

Popping the dice on the boardgame Trouble

An electronic labeller

Pull cord on a whipper snipper

Hole punch

A child safety latch on a gate

Old style spinning flour sifter

A flat old fashioned credit card reader

An old fashioned wind up toy

Protein shaker with the metal spiral ball being shaken

A trigger operated ice cream scoop

Dropping jewellery onto a table 

Gumball machine

A safety gate latching

Using a handsaw

Shaking ice from an ice tray

Boxing tape gun

Hedge trimmer

Putting money into gumball machine

Loading a Nerf gun

Scraping a shovel along the cement

A can of fizzy cordial falling from a vending machine

Change being refunded from a parking meter

Knife sharpener

Knocking on a door

Dropping a slinky down the stairs

A coin activated lolly dispenser 

Popping the dice on  board game trouble

Trampoline springs

Popping the top off a metal coffee or Milo tin

Retracting a measuring tape 

Connect four game

A can crusher

Coin going into a parking meter

Pouring rice into a rice cooker

Putting money in a money box


An old fashioned flour sifter 

Getting a breath mint out of a container

Pulling the starter on a whipper snipper

A pinball machine trigger

A childrens metal spinning top

A spinning ashtray