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Stick it… Stick it real good!

Love Launnie? Show your passion and Stick It To Win It!

Get yourself a free 'Love Launnie' bumper sticker from participating stores, stick it on your car and make sure you register it at for your chance to WIN.

Dan and Marie will call out one lucky registered name every Thursday who will need to call back within 60 minutes to win.

Stick it… Stick it real good!

Love Launnie and Stick It To Win It with Launceston Central City and Chilli FM!

Bumper Sticker Locations: Capri Launceston, District 9, Hope & Me, Turkish Tukka, Brisbane St News & Lotto, 320g Gourmet Cafe, Minimax, Telstra Store Quadrant Mall, Telstra Store Brisbane Street Mall, What's New, Chilli FM, Balls n Bumpers, Launceston Visitor Information Centre, UBeaut Designs, Hope Thrift Store, Morty's News & Post, Inspire Yourself & Your Home, Embellish.

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