The Chilli Season

The Chilli Season

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It's where the fun starts!


DLM Machinery, the big name in earth moving


City of Launceston

City of Launceston and the Flow Art Exhibition.


Chilli is going to spin you right round baby! With the “Cash me outside how bout dat - Wheel of 1k!!”

If you want a shot at the $1,000 daily spin, then register your details at below and listen in to Brent & Marie for Breakfast weekdays between 7am – 9am.

If they call out your name, you won’t have long to call them back before they move on to the next person!

You could spin up big money!... Or… not. But we also have some great local prizes up for grabs.

Just remember, mo money mo problems on your home of the hottest hits… Chilli

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